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Calendar Sync Instructions



1.  Scroll to the bottom of the Calendar of Events page and click the "+Google Calendar" button. This will ask you to login to your Google account and then will add the ASCC calendar to your account.

Linking an account to your Android phone:


  1. Setup a new email account on your phone using Gmail as the settings base. Enter everything as requested and make sure to select Sync Calendar.
  2. Once email is setup on your device go into the calendar app natively install in android, press the menu button click calendars. From this menu you will be able to make the ASCC calendar visible. Switching between calendars is on the main page of the app in the top left corner.

Iphone or Ipad

The easiest way to sync your events is to download the official Google Calendar app. If you'd prefer to use the calendar app already on your iPhone or iPad, you can sync your events with Apple Calendar.

Option 1: Download the Google Calendar app

  1. Download the Google Calendar app from the App Store
  2. Sign in with your Google Account. Once you sign in, all your events will be synced with your computer.

Option 2: See your Google Calendar events in Apple Calendar

Learn how to see Google Calendar events on Apple Calendar.

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